The Cosmetic Looks From Married At First Sight

Why is everyone talking about the cosmetic transformations on Married At First Sight?

Many of the gorgeous brides (and grooms!) have clearly enjoyed the benefits of cosmetics enhance their naturally gorgeous skin. But when it comes to the lips, have a few gone too far?

By now we are sure you know that cosmetic injectables offer long-lasting results, adding fullness and shape to the lips. We already chatted about those common mistakes women make when getting lip plumping treatment.

Well, it seems some of the brides on Married At First Sight (MAFS) were not listening!

Let’s break it down!

What makes the perfect set of lips?

A genuine smile can be enhanced with lip fillers. Lip fillers add more volume and create a more defined, sexier pout while smoothing out those fine lines that appear around the lip area.

When not overly-plumped, dermal fillers reshape a flat cupid’s bow and fill in lip borders, and can ensure facial symmetry.

To create the perfect pout, the general rules

  • lips should be parallel to the eyes
  • the best ratio (frontal view) is about 40% upper lip to 60% lower lip – that’s your lower lip should appear 1.5 times bigger than your upper lip
  • your lower lip should appear to rest about half the distance from your nose that your lower lip sits from your chin

These rules of course change depending on each person’s face shape.

So how did the brides of Married at First Sight 2018 measure up?


Tracey Jewel

Previously betrayed by Dean (who she kept around is now reportedly expecting a baby with) and Davina, author and marketing wiz Tracey admits to loving the confidence boost she gets from her cosmetic transformations. She is a believer in prevention over cure when it comes to ageing and we love, love her glowing complexion and perfectly rounded cheekbones. Not to mention that smooth forehead and free of fine lines and wrinkles we would expect of a young mum to an eight-year-old girl!

When it comes to her lip enhancements, Tracey’s thicker lower lip balances her small chin and short lower jaw to create proportion for her face shape.


Davina Rankin

You may not be able to trust a word out of her mouth, but the personal trainer slash bikini model slash fashion designer surely has enjoyed her cosmetic improvements.

Davina sports over-plumped lips which distorts her cupid’s bow on the upper lip. The swollen, bee-stung look.

More is less when it comes to lip plumping cosmetic injections, however, when too much lip filler is used, particularly in the body of the lip, lips lose their proportion and shape.


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Sarah Roza

Beauty specialist (does that mean Makeup artist?) creates a gorgeous contour lip, which she constantly uses to smother hubbie Telv with kisses.

At 38, Sarah has a beautiful smooth forehead, eyes free of wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet and those plump lips!

While her style may not be to your taste, take a moment to enjoy her perfectly balanced lips:

  • They are not too large for the size of her chin
  • The upper lip does not overpower the lower lip
  • The distance between the upper lip and nose is approximately half the distance between the lower lip and the chin



If you want to kiss your groom with perfectly plumped lips, book your free skin consultation at our Cosmetics Clinic today.

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