Male Skin Therapies

Guys, perfect skin and a more youthful look can be yours.

Benefit from modern cosmetic medical advances and enjoy greater skin confidence when you reduce the signs of ageing with targeted male cosmetic enhancements at our cosmetic clinic.

Our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctors understands that male skin has different needs and is experienced providing anti-wrinkle injections for men.

Our cosmetic enhancements can bring back the powerful masculinity and sharp and powerful lines that age removes from a man’s face and jaw line, plus can smooth over facial wrinkles and clear up skin suffering from adult acne.

We also offer non-surgical cosmetic remedies for lifestyle concerns such as persistent, chronic sweating, and smoothing a crooked nose.

Cosmetic Treatment Options:

  • Control excessive underarm sweating with Botox injections that treat Hyperhidrosis
  • Clear up adult acne with Chemical Skin Peels and Laser Treatments
  • Smooth and relax fine lines and wrinkles with Botox injections
  • Correct and reshape the nose without surgery with cosmetic Rhinoplasty using dermal fillers
  • Get rid of a double saggy chin with chin sculpting state-of-the-art Belkyra treatment
  • Soften crow’s feet around the eyes with Botox injections
  • Minimise frown lines between eyebrows and expression (or worry) lines on the forehead with Botox injections
  • Use dermal fillers to defined the jaw line and make the chin area more prominent
  • Tighten loose skin with laser treatment
  • Create firmer cheek with dermal fillers
  • Remove skin pigmentation and broken capillaries with laser facials