Skin Pigmentation

Feel your confident best and uncover brighter, glowing skin.

Our cosmetic clinic provides medical skin solutions to effectively repair sun damaged skin. We can assist with removing sun spots,  treat age spots (or liver spots), fading and pigmentation removal.

Skin pigmentation and sun damage and sun spots can occur on any part of the face or body, and we ensure all of our cosmetic clients are comfortable in their own skin as we reinvigorate your skin.

Age spots are especially prone to appear in clusters on areas constantly exposed to the sun, such as the back of the hands.

At our cosmetic clinic our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor treats men and women clients for pigmentation removal, and recommends personalised cosmetic skin therapies to suit each client and gain the best improvement to their skin.


Cosmetic Treatment Options:

  • Laser Treatment to improve the look of pigmentation, age spots, sun spots and sun damage, scarring including acne scarring,
  • Chemical Skin Peels to fade scaring and freckles