Your Questions Answered

Who performs the cosmetic treatments at your clinics?

All of our non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including all anti-ageing injections, are only performed by our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor.


I know I want to try cosmetic injections, but am unsure what will be best for me. Can I still book an appointment at your cosmetic clinics?

Yes! The best option for you is to book a no obligation skin consultation with our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor.

This service is completely confidential and free of charge to new clients.

It is a wonderful opportunity to discuss your skin concerns and obtain personalised advice from a doctor about the best skin treatments to enhance your natural beauty and meet your dermatological goals. During your free consultation with our cosmetic doctor you will be advised which cosmetic skin therapies can offer maximum improvements to your skin.


What is the difference between Botox and Dermal Fillers?

Our cosmetic clinic offers both of these anti-ageing injection treatments, and both are skin-transforming solutions. Each offer different advantages and can resolve different skin concerns.

Botox works by relaxing muscle that causes our skin to wrinkle. This muscle-relaxing treatment works best for those fine lines and wrinkles on the upper face and the lip area.

Our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor knows the best botox injection sites for reducing face wrinkles. At our cosmetic clinic Botox is often used to get rid of forehead lines including frown lines and expression lines on the forehead, brow lines and crow’s feet. Botox can even be used to treat lines on the throat and neck.

Botox treatment for wrinkles produces a different skin enhancing result to skin filler injectables.

Dermal fillers are injected under the skin to reshape and replace fullness to sagging and hallowed skin caused by a loss of collagen, and to smooth out those deeper wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a gel-like substance that reshapes as it lifts and rebuilds volume to the skin. Dermal fillers work best to reduce deep face wrinkles, fill under eye circles, plump lips and restore volume to the cheeks and sagging chin and jowls.

Our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor can discuss which anti-ageing injections will work best for your skin concern. Book a free consultation today.


Why doesn’t your website have prices for its cosmetic procedures?

Our cosmetic clinics offer personalised cosmetic treatments by a medically trained doctor.

All non-surgical cosmetic procedures are performed by cosmetic doctor in strict compliance with medical practice guidelines, and all cosmetic enhancements are made to suit each clients’ individual skin type.

This means we cannot offer set pricing for our cosmetic skin therapies. However every cosmetic clients is provided with a quote before any cosmetic treatments.


Are men welcome at your cosmetic clinics?


Cosmetic injections and anti-ageing treatments are not just women. Our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor has experience administering botox injections for men to help them look younger and feel more confident.

We also provide men with other anti-ageing injections such as dermal fillers and ensure masculine definition is retained in the face.

Male cosmetic enhancements can remove those deep frown lines and wrinkles that create a stressful and grumpy face, and crow’s feet that age us all.

We encourage any man to visit one of our cosmetic clinics for an obligation free consultation to discuss the benefit of cosmetic enhancements.


Where are your skin injectable clinics?

Skin Perfect has cosmetic clinics at three locations across the greater Sydney area. We offer more than skin injectables, and provide complete cosmetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty. All our services at each of our Sydney locations are adminstered fully qualified medical doctor.

You can make your appointment to meet with our cosmetics doctor at our North Sydney cosmetic clinic, Wollongong (Illawara area) cosmetic clinic and Western Sydney (Cabramatta) cosmetic clinic.