Under Eye Bags

Need to get rid of some eye baggage? It’s time to get back your skin perfect glow.

Under eye bags and dark circles age us. Get back to skin perfect and look instantly younger and more energised with targeted cosmetic skin treatments that remove your baggage.

Dark circles under our eyes make us look tired and stressed, while under eye bags (also known as tear troughs or eye hollows) age the face. Plus as the skin under eye area thins dark blood vessels and veins can become more visible.

Our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor can refresh your tired eyes using non-surgical aesthetic medicine that lift and smooth the sunken and fine skin in the eye area.


Cosmetic Treatment Options:

  • Replace lost volume to sunken, hollowed out under eye areas with dermal fillers
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles like crows feet with anti-wrinkle injections
  • Soften dark eye bags with cosmetic fillers
  • Remove the appearance of  veins with laser treatments