Common Mistakes Women Make With Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are an exciting cosmetic treatment that can enhance a person’s entire facial features. Using dermal fillers allows cosmetic doctors to create plump, balanced lips. These cosmetic injectables offer long-lasting results, adding fullness and shape to the lips.


The common reason for dissatisfaction with lip plumping a breakdown in communication between the the cosmetic doctor and patient. Don’t let this happen to you! Read our best tips for getting plump gorgeous lips. Avoid these most common mistakes made by clients when seeking plumper lips, and work with our cosmetic doctor to create plump lips you will love!


Lip Plumping Mistake #1: Not knowing what look you want
If you are considering lip augmentation, the cosmetic options available are wide and varied, and are essentially limited by your beauty goals. Which is why it is important to discuss these goals with your cosmetic doctor.
Turning up for lip fillers and knowing what you dislike about your lips, and what you would like to change is smart. Showing up and simply expecting the magic to happen and for you to walk away looking fab without any input, well that is probably not a good idea. If you are unsure about what you want, why not book in for a skin analysis and talk to our cosmetic doctor first? Discussing you cosmetic goals and reasons for seeking plumper lips is likely to lead to a skin perfect outcome you will love.


Lip Plumping Mistake #2: Failing to set realistic goals
With images of big lipped celebrities, it is easy to get carried away and expect to be able to walk out of a cosmetic clinic with Kyle Jenner lips glossed up and replacing your current pout.
Remember, unlike seeking a colour or style match to your fav celebrity at your hairdresser, cosmetic treatments very much depend on your lip and face shape, plus your skin’s reaction to different dermal fillers and lip plumping agents.
Duplicating another person’s lip look can never be exact, however an experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic doctor like can select the best type of cosmetic filler based to make your features sparkle. They will consider your skin type and beauty goals and create a beautiful balanced, plump pout that suits your face.


Lip Plumping Mistake #3:  Insisting on unrealistic over-plumped lips
Going too hard, too soon will likely result in over-filled lips. Particularly if you are getting cosmetic fillers in your lips for the first time, it is best to lean towards a more natural look lip look and gradually build up the amount of dermal fillers you have injected. Your Skin Perfect cosmetic doctor will guide you on how to best create a new fuller lip that doesn’t take over your facial features and make your face look like an exploding peach landed on your chin.


Lip Plumping Mistake #4: Not doing the prep
You would never turn up to a cocktail party in your activewear, so don’t show up for cosmetic fillers not prepped and primed for your cosmetic treatment.
Unless recommended by your doctor, refraining from taking medicine such as aspirin, medicine containing ibuprofen (such as Nurofen or Advil) or naproxen (usually called Aleve) and vitamins including fish oil,  vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, Omega 3 fatty acids, Ginko Bilboa and Ginseng. This are all known thin the blood and should be avoided for about a week before your lip injection appointment.
To further help prevent bruising, taking the supplement Arnica for a few days before your lip plumping treatment is also a good idea.


Lip Plumping Mistake #5: Not being realistic about the potential expense
Those larger, plumped lips you see on Hollywood celebrities don’t come cheap. To achieve a voluptuous lip requires cosmetic injections to reshape the lip border, including shaping the Cupid’s Bow plus and lip tissue, and create cosmetic asymmetry. All this requires a decent amount of cosmetic injectables, and high-quality long-lasting dermal fillers are not cheap.


Lip Plumping Mistake #6: Neglecting to follow through with aftercare
While aftercare is minimal, those clients who don’t heed the warnings and advice of their cosmetic doctor after getting dermal fillers do so at their own personal peril – and by this we mean lip pain and bruising.
While pain is of course minimal, and limited to some swelling and bruising that will only last a day or two, with the right aftercare this can be avoided altogether. Limit or avoid bruising by applying a cold pack to your newly plumped lips. Other helpful tips include avoiding aspirin, not drinking from a straw after injections, and not sipping hot liquids— you’ll still be numb and might burn yourself.