Cosmetic Lessons From The Bachelorette

So The Bachelorette is over for another season.

And before another heartbroken hero is the subject of our lunchroom gossip, we are still focused on our Soph. That’s Sophie Monk to those who failed to devote the last couple of months to the former pop starlet’s very public quest for love.

After narrowing down her search Sophie, who constantly bemoaned she was looking for an average Aussie bloke, has chosen millionaire publican Stu as her prince. Average indeed.

And while many of may be busy putting out their pot plants in sympathy for heartbroken Jarrad, the team at Skin Perfect has taken a moment to look a bit closer at this Year’s Bachelorette.

And this is what we saw.


Sophie’s Plumped Up Lips

At Skin Perfect we love perfectly enhanced lips. Which is why we warn our clients about the mistake many women make in overfilling their lips. And in Sophie’s case, her exaggerated, swollen lips may have taken things a bit too far.

The Bachelorette has admitted to enjoying the benefit of lip fillers in the past, however the former member of pop band Bardot can’t deny the transformation of her lips to their current overly voluptuous, plump-up look.

Want the evidence? Check out her changing face here. Her extreme pout has left her legions of fans divided. But of course, the only opinion that matters is Stu’s!


Sophie’s Cheeks

Sophie’s enhanced cheeks are surely the elephant in the room. Well, that and Sam’s man-bun comb-over combo.

But back to Sophie’s cheeks. All the signs point to cosmetic fillers to add volume to her cheek, defining her cheekbones.

Cheek enhancement can be performed on the top or side of the cheek, to create facial symmetry and definition. And we think that in Sophie’s case, her cosmetic fillers were injected on the top of the cheek, adding fullness and extreme contour.


Botox for The Bachelorette

Sophie’s forehead has an almost airbrushed quality about it. Smooth and devoid of expression lines, plus her perfectly raised eyebrows failing to show a single fine line and no crows feet in sight. Here glowing smooth skin has, well, um, raised an eyebrow or two.

But let’s be honest, it matches perfectly with her chosen one, Stu’s perfect forehead.

We thought it, and it seems others agreed. That at age 44, Stu’s super smooth forehead is benefiting from the energising effects of anti-wrinkle injections.

With the lack of deep forehead wrinkles and no sign of ageing frown lines, we think that Stu is among the growing number of guys using “Brotox” to boost his confidence and look less stressed and tired.



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*images Channel Ten