Why Sweat It Out? Prevent Excessive Sweating This Summer

Is this a familiar scenario?

It’s a warm summer day and you are heading out for lunch with friends. The temperature is already pushing past 30 degrees. You get ready with the air conditioning blasting, a fan on you for back up cold air.

One last check before you are out the door and it is then that you realise – already you have sweat pooled at your armpits, with sweat stains marking the shirt you put on just moments ago.


If you are someone who suffers from the condition known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, you know this scenario all too well. No matter what antiperspirant deodorant you use, or how cold you make the room, or what material your clothing is made of, you experience excessive underarm sweating.

And you are probably sick of it.

The good news? We know what is happening and have a treatment to stop that persistent underarm sweating that is driving you crazy. And the solution for sweaty armpits is Botox!

But first, let’s delve a bit deeper into what this sweaty problem is.


What is Hyperdirosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the clinical term given to heavy sweating. This medical condition commonly occurs in underarms.

For sufferers of profuse sweating, the problem usually begins in childhood or adolescence, or before the age of 25. The excessive sweating will happen at least once a week but not during sleeping.

And it is not just men that have to deal with persistent and intense sweating – women experience uncontrollable sweating just as much as guys do.

Extreme underarm sweating is a serious condition that affects every aspect of a person’s daily life. Whether it is work performance or getting out and about socially, or building personal relationships, those who have severe underarm sweating don’t just have to live with intense physical discomfort, most also understandably feel distressed and held back because their frequent heavy sweating. And this often leads to lower self-confidence and higher rates of depression and anxiety. 


Treating excessive sweating

The good news? Underarm sweating can be effectively treated. At our skin clinic, Botox has been proven to be a successful solution to help clients excessive underarm sweating. This hyperhidrosis treatment

is used in the same way Botox injections are used for anti-ageing wrinkle injections, only instead of smoothing wrinkles, the Botox is used to stop excessive sweating by turning off the sweat glands.

Let us explain.

When Botox is used as an anti-ageing solution, we target the fine lines and wrinkles we want to smooth out. Botox is injected directly into the site of the wrinkle where it relaxes the facial muscle by paralysing the nerve. This then blocks the signals received by the muscles and prevents them from contracting. The end result is those fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out for younger-looking skin.

When we use Botox for anti-sweat injections, it works in a similar way to turn off the sweat glands that are the cause of excessive armpit sweating.

The same ingredients that stop wrinkles forming blocks the release of the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. And when these signals are blocked,

Anti-sweat injections are targeted to sweat glands to ensure chronic, excessive sweating is reduced by blocking the signal for these sweat glands and preventing the glands from activating, which reduces sweat production.

If you want to experience the long-lasting control of your excessive sweating, our experienced and qualified medically cosmetic doctor can help you.

Get rid of the stress of hyperhidrosis with our underarm sweating solution and regain your skin perfect confidence to enjoy life again.

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