Top Cosmetic Procedures For Reducing The Appearance Of Ageing By Dr Thomas Goyer

Ageing is inevitable but Dr Tom knows better than most that no one likes the visible result of it.  

It is possible to appear younger with quality cosmetic treatments tailored to you and your ageing concerns.  

Discover what treatments Dr Tom Goyer says can assist in visually taking years off your appearance.  

Double Chin Melting Injections

Previously double chins could only be treated with liposuction and other invasive surgeries but with new innovations in cosmetic injectables, you can now dissolve fatty deposits under your chin to bring back the side profile you’ve been missing.  

Dr Tom says with double chin dissolving injections, the excess chin fat is removed, the jawline is tightened, and your skin is lifted creating a more defined jawline and tightening sagging skin. 

How does it work? Well, the compound in the injection breaks down fat which the body then eliminates with the result being a quick, permanent treatment, with little downtime. 

If you suffer a double chin due to weight fluctuations, because of ageing, or simply due to genetics, this non-invasive fat-dissolving cosmetic treatment is for you and can help you look more youthful. 


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