Simple Tips To Take The Best Selfie

Sick of seeing that double chin when you take your selfie? Or is all you see your huge forehead when your friends post group shots on their newsfeed?

Well, these are the amazingly simple tips that you need for landing your best selfie you in a snap, every time.


1. Don’t Go Head On

Positioning the phone to avoid the straight head-on, looking up at the camera. This full, deadeye stare is a sure way to highlight flaws and create a car-crash selfie.


2. Know Your Angle

A subtle angle is selfie perfection. The experts say that ideally want your phone held out in front of you but angling down slightly. Photos will look best if the phone is looking mildly down at you.

Try elevating your camera and tilting and rotating it; this is guaranteed way to make your face look more attractive.


3. Stick It

It may not be your thing, but using a selfie stick can help you achieve great angles and an elevated position that slims your face.


4. Light It Up

Don’t forget the lighting, it is so important when it comes to a selfie.

And we mean natural lighting, not the single fluoro hanging down in your bedroom.

Consider your selfie your movie set and the lighting is like another tool to brighten your complexion. When you have good lighting you can then work your angles to not highlight any fine lines and wrinkles.

A great lighting tip? If you’re taking your selfie inside, face a window to soak up some natural light and smooth over facial imperfections naturally.


5. Show Your Good Side

Research (we are not kidding, there’s research about preferred selfie sides) shows that 41% of us unconsciously prefer our left cheek.

Science considers those that prefer their left cheek – even when taking a mirrored selfie – are more emotionally expressive; that these people are more comfortable expressing their emotions because they are open and generally positive people.

This is compared to those who prefer their right cheek and conceal emotion.


6. Get Inspired

So you aren’t in the Italian Riveria like your favourite celeb, it doesn’t mean you can’t glam up and engage your users with an interesting background.

Get out amongst it – industrial estates, gardens, footpaths, swimming pools … with a selfie the ordinary can become the extraordinary background.

Remember the bolder and stronger the backgrounds they more they will reflect on your face, while softer, whiter colours help create a mellow glow

And of course, if you are going to take a mirror selfie at home, check for background mess before you post. No-one wants to see the contents of your wardrobe on your floor.


7. Get Skin Perfect

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