Nose Job

Create your perfect nose with cutting-edge non-surgical rhinoplasty.


With a non-surgical nose job you can dramatically transform the appearance of your face. This pain-free cosmetic procedure is true alternative to traditional, painful nose job.

This cosmetic treatment is also the best risk-free and quickest way to make long-lasting reshaping and refinements to your nose without the pain and expense of surgery.

At our North Sydney clinic non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed by our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor using quality dermal fillers to re-sculpt and reshape the nose.

We can create a new look nose that will reinvigorate your appearance. A non-surgical nose job only takes about half an hour and cosmetic rhinoplasty changes the look of your nose instantly, with the ability of nose fillers to refine, reshape and smooth nasal bumps, lumps and irregularities.


Best For:

  • Rectifying previous nose injuries and post-surgical imperfections
  • Straightening a crooked nose
  • Lifting a flattened nasal bridge
  • Reducing nasal tip
  • Nose widening
  • Elevating a nose tip
  • Creating facial symmetry by reducing or balancing the appearance of the size of a nose
  • Reshape or flatten the bridge of the nose
  • Smoothing bumping, dents, depressions and contour irregularities



  • Long-lasting results for up to 18 months
  • Immediate results
  • Pain free and safe to use
  • No risk or downtime


Good To Know:

  • Dermal fillers have potential side effects of mild to moderate bruising and swelling and allergic reactions in some cosmetic clients.
  • Applying ice packs after dermal fillers will reduce any swelling and potential redness
  • Try to avoid taking anti inflammatory drugs for pain relief within the first 36 hours, as these can can make bruising worse.