Do Your Hands Make You Look Ten Years Older?

We rarely give them much thought, but our hands are one of the busiest parts of our body

And our hands are also one of the parts of our body that show our age so clearly to the rest of the world.

Which is why at Sydney Cosmetic Clinic  we regularly get inquiries from clients about anti-ageing treatments for hands.

The telltale signs of ageing on our hands include thinning skin, sun spots and redness, loss of volume and elasticity leading to sagging skin, prominent veins and wrinkled skin.

Hand rejuvenation

The good news is that ageing hands can be refreshed with cosmetic injectable treatments.

At Skin Project Cosmetics Clinics by Doctors our fully qualified medical doctor, , performs hand rejuvenation using the latest non-surgical cosmetic techniques such as dermal fillers and laser skin treatments.

Dermal fillers treatments are successful at hiding the look of veins that appear through thinning skin in the hands, as fillers restore volume and give hands back the volume and plumplness lost through ageing.

Laser cosmetic treatment is also effective for hand rejuvenation, and our clients have been impressed with the results they have seen in reversing the signs of ageing on their hands with removal or fading age spots and sun spots and pigmentation, and evening out skin tone.

As well as refreshing the look of your hands with cosmetic enhancements at Skin Project Cosmetics Clinics by Doctors, there are simple ways to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and prevent the loss of volume caused by ageing.

Don’t neglect your hands

The skin on our hands is delicate, yet we often neglect our hands during our everyday beauty routine.

Stop your hands showing your real age with our skincare tips to keep your hands looking younger and plumper:

  • Always protect your hands when you are doing the housework. Use rubber or latex rubbers, preferably ones that are lined.
  • Always wash your hands in warm water. This includes showering. Using extra hot water, or indulging in an extra long hot shower is draining essential moisture from your skin.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers and skincare. We love radiance skincare serums because these anti-ageing products have been formulated for various skin types, and target the ageing process.
  • Regularly moisturise your hands, including as you go to bed at night.
  • Try to limit your sun exposure, but when you can’t, always apply sunscreen to your hands.
  • When doing your regularly body exfoliation, include the back of your hands to buff off dead skin cells. Just like a facial exfoliation, buff your skin in small gentle circles, and don’t forget the wrists and between the fingers.
  • Wear light gloves to bed. No, this may not be up everyone’s ally. But after heavily moisturising your hands, slip them into a pair of cotton gloves for protection and to ensure the cream truly penetrates.

We put our hands through a lot every day. At home we when we are churning through the housework, at work multitasking. Then in the car they our hands are exposed to the sun. And of course then there are sporting pursuits and just being out and about – think of how many bags of shopping you make your hands carry over a year alone!

Protect your hands from their daily workload and you will be preventing premature signs of ageing from appearing.

Already succumbed to the signs of ageing on your hands? Call Skin Project Cosmetics Clinics by Doctors for a free consultation to discuss how you can improve your hand’s skin quality.