The New Plumped Lips – Getting Lip Fillers Done Right

Were you like us and shocked to see our fav Jenner gal dermal filler free?

Gone were the “sausage lips” or “trout pout”.



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By reducing her oversized, unnatural lips Kylie Jenner has completely changed her look.

And that is because those lips had become the focal point of the face, and not in a good way. They were bulbous rather than plump; and overfilled and puffy rather than charmingly bee-stung.

As Jenner shows us, enhancing your lips with dermal fillers can be a risky adventure in cosmetic enhancement.

But you don’t have to end up with crazy oversized, unnatural lips that take over your face.


Naturally Plump Lips

Lip enhancement, or lip augmentation, is a very common cosmetic procedure to create naturally fuller lips.

Using temporary lip dermal fillers the results last from 12 – 18 months, clients can expect naturally firm and softly fuller lips.

This cosmetic enhancement takes a trained medical doctor about ten minutes to perform and can create beautiful, softly plumped lips.


Choosing Your Cosmetic Doctor

More and more small clinics are offering cheap deals for dermal fillers.

However, it is important to choose a trained and qualified cosmetic doctor who has an eye for detail and can offer lip augmentation using a choice of A-grade quality fillers depending on your individual needs.

Lip plumping is not a one size fits all procedure.

However, in non-medical clinics, such as beauty or spas, which regularly offer discounted specials or cheap injectables, this is often the service provided.

These clinics often fail to conduct a facial analysis prior to injections and regularly overfill their customers’ lips as a result of their lack of expert knowledge and skill

At non-medical clinics, skin injectors are usually performed by nurses or assistants and customers do not know the extent of the knowledge or qualifications of the person performing the cosmetic treatment.

In contrast, cosmetic medical doctors are professionally trained and must adhere to stringent guidelines, just the same as any other doctor or surgeon you might visit.

This means that a cosmetic medical doctor has years of training and experience, plus detailed medical knowledge about facial anatomy and reactions to cosmetic injectables that they apply during their consultations with each client.

Cosmetic doctors seek the best outcomes for each patient, reviewing their individual skin type and concerns before choosing the type of injectable they will use to create volume.


The Equation of Perfectly Plumped Lips

Perfectly plumped lips are created using a mathematical calculation. Precision and at times restraint is necessary to create proportional volume that does not overwhelm the face.

A trained, professional cosmetic doctor will carefully review your face and to create a pleasing overall facial aesthetic that is balanced and proportionate with other features.


How do you know your lips are overdone?

Too many rogue cosmetic clinics using inferior cosmetic injectiable products will overfill their customer’s lips, with disastrous aesthetic results.

You will be able to determine if your lip dermal fillers went too far using these simple guidelines:

  1. Your upper lip is bigger than your lower lip. For proportion, it is ideal that your lower lip should always appear to be double the size.
  2. Your lip size dwarfs the rest of your face, particularly if it is oversized compared to your chin.
  3. Your lips are not parallel and level with your eyes.
  4. Your upper lip starts to touch, or appears to touch, your nose. Ideally, there should be even distances between the upper lip and the base of the nose
  5. Your cupid’s bow is missing from your upper lip. The perfect pout includes a clearly defined cupid’s bow at the central point of the upper lip.
  6. The upper lip sticks out. When looking side on, the upper lip should not protrude excessively


To avoid overfilled, nasty unnatural lips, follow our five simple Skin Perfect tips:

  1. Always have your dermal fillers administered by a qualified medical cosmetic doctor.
  2. Ensure qualified A-grade dermal fillers are being used to enhance your lips.
  3. Insist on a private consultation prior to your first cosmetic injections. At a reputable clinic, this should be free.
  4. Check for a clean and hygienic skincare clinic. Don’t be afraid to leave if a clinic does not meet your high standards of care.
  5. Never work on the principle that all dermal injectables are the same, so cheap is ok. Online package deals for dermal fillers are not providing personal quotes and you do not know about the quality of fillers you are receiving or the qualifications and skill of the injector.


Talk to Skin Perfect

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