The Cure For Resting Bitch Face

It is the facial expression that plagues so many of us, even when we don’t intend it.

You guessed it, we are talking about Resting Bitch Face.

Yep, we could be planning our next overseas holiday, trying to figure out if we have reached our credit card limit, or wondering if those shoes we are coveting are on sale yet, but we will still have that same look on our face – that bored, angry and stressed expression.

“Resting Bitch Face”, or RBF, is a label given to women who always have that mean, bored and disinterested ice queen look about them.

Sound like you?

The good news is that RBF is usually an unintentional look, it’s severity depends on the person’s face shape and severity of existing fine lines and wrinkles.


How it happens

As we age, our lips become thinner, making us appear mean and stern. Thinning lips are caused by a lack of collagen, the same reason that creates fine vertical lines around the mouth (especially for smokers). These harsh lines exasperate the unfriendly effect of thinning lips and can create a look of scowling.

And when combined with forehead wrinkles and deep wrinkles and expression lines between our eyebrows that make us appear tired and stressed and angry, and you have a complete Resting Bitch Face.


The problem with Resting Bitch Face

Looking grumpy has many effects on our life.

First, our mood is affected when we only see a harsh, tired face staring  back at us in the mirror.

And worse, your RBH affects how people react to you. It is not surprising that many sufferers of RBF complain they are constantly told to smile, or asked if they are okay and not too stressed.


The cure for Resting Bitch Face


Luckily, there is a cure to RBF.

Cosmetic injections botox and dermal fillers can calm and relax your tired facial expressions and get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that cause that the angry and bored expressions powering RBF.

Remove the grump with botox injections, as you relax lines between the eyes and forehead wrinkles plus wake up tiredness created from fine lines around the eyes and crows feet.

Lip plumping dermal fillers can restore volume to thinned and mean looking lips, creating a friendly and warmer expression.

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