Brotox – Why Your Guy Should Be Trying Botox

Skin Perfect For Men? Brotox!


The metrosexual man has arrived. And so has acceptance of the everyday guy who takes pride in his personal appearance and is eager to perfect his look.

Men are refining our expectations of masculinity, and male grooming and men’s styling are now mainstream.

Men are now enjoying the benefits of creating youthful looks with targeted men’s beauty products, male hair treatment to rectify premature baldness, and hair salons helping men colour greying hair. All these youthful enhancements are commonplace for men who want to look and feel younger.

And it is not just beauty treatments that the modern male is using to help prevent the signs of ageing.

Men, like women, are enjoying the benefits of anti-ageing cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers and botox treatment to obtain younger looking skin.

Admittedly, some portions of society were originally not so accepting of male cosmetic enhancements. But times are changing. Now it is not just the girls who can enjoy the  transformative benefits of non-surgical cosmetic therapies.


Take Hollywood’s lead

It was long considered fashionable for men to age gracefully, and commonly a badge of honour for men to wear their age and battle scars with pride.

Just think of the attraction towards naturally worn heroes like Robert Redford and Sean Connery. Both ooze sex appeal and proudly display deep facial lines and worn creases that highlight their hard lived years.

However, a new generation of Hollywood hunk men has arrived! It’s the age of Brad Pitt and George Clooney – the refined heartthrob who has unabashedly stopped the hands of time. While many recent Hollywood heroes may proudly be “silver foxes”, showing off their greying hair, they are also stylishly dressed, impeccably groomed and clearly benefiting from modern cosmetic advances with plump, smooth skin.


The age of brotox

Taking his lead from Hollywood, the modern city man is also turning to anti-ageing cosmetic solutions to retain his youthful looks.

So much so that over the past decade, there has been a huge 337 percent increase in men obtaining botox. And the number of guys happy to use cosmetic injections to look younger is growing by around 10% every year globally.

Botox for men, or brotox, as it is referred to tongue-in-cheek, is a facial cosmetic injection that helps reduce the signs of ageing.

For men, botox might be the best treatment anti-wrinkle injection for:

  • Softening frown line, or ‘grumpy lines’,
  • Smoothing horizontal ‘worry or stress’ lines on the forehead,
  • Removing ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes, and
  • Relaxing forehead wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Overall, just like with any cosmetic injection solution, men can expect to look less tired after they receive their brotox.

Botox injections refresh the face. They relieve the stressful, grumpy expressions that often mistaken for anger, but without removing the attractive masculine ruggedness of a male’s naturally defined facial features.


So why are guys belatedly coming to the anti-cosmetic injection party?

Botox can help you achieve smoother younger looking skin by relaxing fine lines and wrinkles and preventing the further deepening of facial lines for a naturally younger, happier look.

It is a relatively simple cosmetic enhancement that is quick and easy with results that last for up to 6 months.

At Sydney Cosmetic Clinic our qualified doctor, , administers botox treatments to refresh ageing skin and create a natural looking result, masculine result. He regularly treats men who want to subtly refresh their face without loosing their natural features.

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