Anti-Ageing Treatments For Men

It doesn’t matter what your gender is, we all age eventually. The anti-ageing treatment market has and always will be booming as we all try our best to look our best.

Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around men getting cosmetic treatments. But it’s 2017, cosmetic treatments aren’t just for your stock-standard feminine woman anymore and it isn’t just women so can benefit from modern cosmetic advances and enjoy greater skin confidence.

So, take a second look and see how you can address some of your skin care concerns.


Anti-wrinkle treatments

Men age and develop wrinkles too. It’s a shock, I know. So, if you’re someone who’s ready to smooth and relax fine lines and wrinkles why not try anti-wrinkle injections.

Anti-wrinkle injections are a quick and safe cosmetic procedure with results lasting anywhere from 3-6 months. Results from facial injections also improve over time and with ongoing treatments.

Injections can soften crow’s feet around the eyes, minimise frown lines between eyebrows and expression (or worry) lines on the forehead. So, it really is an all in one treatment for those looking to knock a few years off their face.

One especially important thing to remember when getting any kind of injectable is to make sure you’re going to someone with medical experience. Our anti-wrinkle injections are administered by a qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor.


Tighten Loose Skin

Men, just like women can experience a sagging of skin around the face and neck. It’s a very visible sign of ageing but there are ways to tighten and smooth ageing saggy facial skin plus firm tired and loose neck skin.

Here at Skin Perfect, we prefer a non-invasive method. Our qualified and experienced medically trained cosmetic doctor personally performs facial skin rejuvenation, restoring volume to loose skin and redefining contours to sagging jowls.

This is all done through a combination of cosmetics treatments such as laser, derma rollers, chemical skin peels and occasionally dermal filler to replace any lost volume.

As well as reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firming treatments are the ultimate collagen rejuvenation and the best non-surgical option for tightening the skin, restoring elasticity and volume.

Skin Pigmentation

Whether you have facial scars, age spots or just want to brighten the look of your skin, there are plenty of ways to tackle skin pigmentation issues. One of our favourite methods is Laser Facials.

Laser facials are a simple and pain-free anti-ageing treatment that deeply penetrates the skin with pinpoint accuracy, bringing skin imperfections up to the surface to be treated.

Advanced laser skin care technology is the most powerful skin transforming tool and can be very helpful in treating everything from facial scarring to broken capillaries.

With ongoing treatments, you can see a real difference in the appearance of the skin.


Overall there are plenty of ways men can treat the signs of ageing and achieve the same anti-ageing benefits the women in their lives have been taking advantage of for years.

If you’re unsure where to start, we’re more than happy to help. Book a free skin consultation and our highly qualified team will prescribe a treatment regimen tailored to you and your skin concerns.

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